We have a special way of describing what we do. We call it Telephone Audio Imaging™. If your marketing is working then your phone is ringing. Your telephone system is likely the first impression you’re able to make upon a new prospective customer.  It’s very important to start building a positive image on the very first call.

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Auto Attendant

We start with something called Auto Attendant (aka phone trees, auto-receptionist, virtual receptionist, et al) . You know… “Thank you for calling XYZ Company. For our company directory, please press 1. For our hours of operation, press 2.” etc… It’s best to have your phone answered by a professional sounding voice, that’s also welcoming and easy to understand. ...more
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There’s also IVR (Interactive Voice Response), which is a more advanced version of an auto attendant. An IVR is great for handling automated tasks that involve numbers and simple yes/no answers. But first the caller must be provided a choice via a voice, which is why it’s part of the Telephone Audio Imaging™ set of creative services. ...more
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Voicemail is also very important. Now… There are a couple ‘schools of thought’ when it comes to who records the Voicemail Greeting. We believe it’s best for staff members to record their own personal Voicemail greetings. It’s a great way to establish rapport, even before your first in-person meeting, if you ever have one in this day and age. But for general Voicemail, we suggest using the same voice as your other recordings, to keep things consistently professional. ...more
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Message On Hold

Last but certainly not least is the grand daddy of Telephone Audio Imaging™, Message On Hold. Message On Hold is the music and messaging your callers hear when you place them on hold. Message On Hold is another great way On Hold Pros is Turning Telephone Hold Time into a SOUND Investment™. With Message On Hold you can enhance customer awareness, improve customer loyalty, increase your bottom line and most of all decrease caller hang ups. ...more
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The right voice can make all the difference. Click to listen and find the right voice for business. ...more
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We get it right most of the time, sometimes you are the best person to choose the music that's right for your business. ...more
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We have the best content writers in the business working for us. Click here to learn more about how we tell your story. ...more
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Our audio engineers have the skills and experience to make you sound great the first time. ...more